Affiliate Program

Earn the highest commissions on referrals and enjoy some of the highest conversion rates in the 3D animation or graphic designing industry

How much can you make as polyD’ fine’s affiliate partner?

Our affiliate partners earn 5% commission for each sale generated by their referrals .this is the highest rate offered by anyone in 3D or graphic designing industry.

An example commission:our best selling logos if valued at Rs 1,000. Our affiliate partner earn Rs 50 everytime one of their referrals purchases a logo or any other service.(Rs 1.000 x5/100=Rs 50).

Maximum Referral bonus that can be earned is Rs 5,000 with each successful referral

How does it work?

  1. Register as a polyD’ fine affiliate partner.
  2. Get your Affliate referral URL
  3. Promote our website on social media platforms like youtube ,facebook ,Twitter ,etc(or make your own way)
  4. When a user clicks through to and makes a will automatically earn 5% of the successful order placed for any sevice but you will not get referral bonus if the person cancels the order.
  5. Login to your Affliate partner panel at anytime to track clicks,conversions and earnings.
  6. Payouts will be made once the order is successfully completed.

How does it work?

Click here to registeronce approved we will send you a personalized URL. Its important you this URL so that we can trace the sales back your account and pay your commissions.